Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One shot should do.

I don't drink to get drunk (usually). I usually drink with a purpose other then that. Using it as a muscle relaxant or to mush my mind a little bit so that I don't focus on all the crappy stressful things that have happened at work (or home, who knows).

Does any one just drink alcohol because it's a beverage? Why not just drink juice or milk instead.

Someday, when Niamonster is old enough to understand, I think I'll sit down with her and mention that sometimes the reason daddy has a beer IS BECAUSE OF YOU!

Did I hear a nomination for the "World's Worst Dad" award in back? Oh, no... that was DCFS.

Yeah, yeah. Don't play me out like I'm the bad guy. I'm just saying what we all do. Whether you like your beers or your fru frus, I bet if you have kids you've tossed at least one swig down the gullet to erase the painful ringing in your ear from the crying or whining.

Cheers... here's to you!

Winter is upon us up here in Wisconsin. I have no reason to complain about it. These United States allow me the opportunity to roam among the 50 where I please without care of visas or passports. It's my own dumb butt that has stayed planted here.

So instead of complaining... I say... bring it!

I'm installing Windows XP on a VPC and I just saw the "When you insert a floppy, ZIP Disk..." Ha! Awesome.

In computer land, the floppy will be to Niamonster what the 8Track was to me, and the ZIPDisk will be like what the BETA video format was. What's a type writer?

Christ's sake. I have to stop there. I really am getting old, aren't I?

2 weeks until Christmas. Think that's on my mind at all?

It's not.

I'm going to slowly start blogging here again. I've missed it. I've missed the release and forcing me to be creative. I miss people reading my blog and commenting.

I do still read all of yours.... On my phone.... On the pooper.

You're welcome for that.