Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another business trip out of the way.

I don't wear ties. Ever.
As I work my way slowly up the corporate ladder, I find myself having to hop in a plane in the name of business more often. First trip was out to Seattle and the second trip was to Vegas.

I love to travel and see new places and absorbing all of the sites and sounds that are not familiar to me. On top of that, I absolutely love to fly. Ever since I was a little wee lad I have been completely fascinated with airplanes and flying. Before my vision went to crap, I wanted to join the Air Force and be a fighter pilot. Alas, I'm blind as a bat, so commercial "fighters" will have to do just fine.

There is just one small issue when flying for business.

I'm alone.

Oh I may have a few co-workers with me and I know that I will always have plenty to do while at my destination necessitating my businessness (oh yeah, I just made that up), but when all is said and done, the bed just isn't as warm without my wife next to me and my child relatively close.

Actual phone, not actual size.Technology is really awesome in how it just explodes. Take for instance that I am writing this blog post while travelling over 600mph at a leisurely 41,000 feet above the very solid earth. I also love the fact that I am and can always be connected to my family, even if it is through a digital medium.

However, it's a double edged sword.

I'm sitting at a conference and my phone does it's little vibraty thing. I pick it up because I'm in the midst of fighting fires at work and dreading the update from the product manager (or is it project manager... I always forget). But there is no email, there is a message from my wife - it's a picture message. I first read the caption and see "Cheese DaDa" only to see the picture load to punch me in the emotional daddy face. There is my beautiful little girl with the cutest grin.

My first reaction is "awwww", but immediately follows the, "Holy crap I miss them."

I never used to be a HUGE sappy face, but three things in life have progressively changed that.
1. Almost getting my head blown off.
2. Getting married.
3. Having a child.

Since those three things happened I tend to wear a few more of my emotions on my sleeve.

Imagine if you will, thousands of alpha males all getting their nerd on, absorbing all the knowledge and information they can... and my sappy ass is fighting back tears in the 10th row.

Yeah... it was that awesome.


surprised mom said...

I can understand and relate to how marriage and having a child can change a person emotionally. They are absolutely life altering events and set you on a different path. I think it's wonderful that you had that reaction to your daughter's smiling face. It's wonderful to see a close Dad-Daughter relationship.

I can't relate to almost having my head blown off, but I can imagine that would change someone's perspective as well. How scary. How did that happen?

Eternal Lizdom said...

Totally reminded of a recent episode of The Office.

I can understand your pain. I've had to travel (rarely) for business. It used to be really hard. Lately though, the kids are older and getting less and less dependent... and part of me would love a business trip for a couple of days. Just for the hotel bed, really.