Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

I think I've nailed down what I want each day to represent in this blog. 

Monday is the serious, hunker down, be a good dad and post something useful day.

Wednesday will be "Wacky Wednesday". A day where I post stupid shit to make you laugh. (obviously on topic with Monkeys and Daddies) (oh, and it will probably be very "ADD" as well)

Friday, as already specified, will be Fatherhood Fridays (ah-thank you dad-blogs)

So today is Wednesday... get ready for the Whacking.... er Whacky.

You know you've married the right person when you wake up and hear her humming the
theme song from the A-Team (dun duh duh duuun dun dun dunnnn). When asked just how she possibly got that song in her head she proceeded to tell me about a dream she had where she was in the Navy and they had pulled into port which was a prop house (like on a movie set) so the walls were fake and that the Cajun Chef was there and that evolved into her thinking about Chef's with catch phrases which led to thinking of Emeril (whom she hates), and then in a general thought about people past their prime who should stop doing what they are doing cause they are starting to suck at it (cough cough Madonna). To which she started thinking about Mr. T and how he actually left prime but came back - to which the A-Team song popped in her head. 

Yup. That's my wife. 

Niamonster has taken akin to using her little nails as her personal Ninjatō (look it up), which she likes to flail around and slash people with. So far she has two victims, Isabella and myself. Isabella had her face sliced open (complete with blood) and I had my neck slit open. 

Pretty awesome.


Geno said...

Awesome post! I really like your Wednesday theme! Hilarious!

ShankRabbit said...

Thanks! Thank goodness my wife unknowingly gave me some content this morning. :)