Friday, March 13, 2009

Fatherhood Friday 4


Not too sure where that came from.

Today's Topic:

I love me some sushi. And it's dangerous stuff too because you think to yourself, "Self, it's just a few little rolls, that's never going to fill you up." And you eat, and eat, and eat. Isabella and I have to watch ourselves because if we're not careful we'll easily run up a huge bill with trying all sorts of new kinds of ways to have seafood sit on rice.

...but it's so good.

I fully plan on introducing my daughter to sushi when she is old enough. I bet she'll love it just as much as her mom and dad do. I fully plan to go out to nice restaurants and gorge on sushi once a year, and then for the rest of the times go the cheap route and have mommy make the rolls or the rice beds. If you don't know how to make your own rolls or rice beds then I strongly encourage you to learn. You end up saving lots of money.

oh. suppose I should tie in the daddy thing somehow.

Seriously though, I think sushi is a great analogy for fatherhood. (does anyone else smell a list coming? I DO!)
  • It's not for everyone.
    And it doesn't have to be. You can't judge a person if they don't want kids, just like you shouldn't judge if they don't want sushi.
  • It has tons of variety.
    Think of all the different moods and demeanors a child has. They have so many millions and yet they're still learning more to boot. It's like a new menu of child every time they wake up in the morning. New menu, new prices, new style. Never gets old.
  • Price drastically increases with quality
    I'm not looking for a flame war about the difference in quality between a 2 month old and a 2 year old. But let's take a moment and be honest with each other - a 2 month old is a eating, pooping, sleeping machina. A 2 year old has personality and verbal skills and can interact. But as they get older, they get more expensive.
  • It fills you up.
    There is certainly no doubt that a child makes your life complete, fills you to brim with lots of things. Things like love, and slobber, and constipated poops, and ear bleeding screams.

... oh god... the ear bleeding screams.

Top 3 Favorite Sushi/Roll/Sashimi Orders!

  1. Unagi (Eel)
  2. Ikiri (Salmon Roe)
  3. Hon Maguro (Blue Fin Tuna)

What are yours?


Super Mega Dad said...

I think I'm in the "not for everybody" category. :)

Love seafood, but am really afraid of sushi.

I'm guess I'm a BAD Californian.

Daddy Files said...

Never. Ever. No way, no how.

The wife loves it though...

Jason said...

I'm not a seafood person to begin with so sushi isn't even on my radar. and wow...I'm impressed on how you managed to make that into a FF post.

Andrew's Daddies said...

This is very clever...but I am not into Sushi. But it's ok, you are still in my top ten as H.D. ;)


Isabella said...

How can I pick favorites?

- The Chicago Summer roll from Matsuyama in Chicago (that was what it was called, right?)

- Salmon (served on a little bit of rice. Oh. My. Gawd)

- and I can eat pounds of spicy tuna and/or California roll. Seriously. You've seen me in action.

KWG said...

We be a sushi-eatin' family for sure. Love it. And Baby B will love it too (or she won't and prefer teriyaki chicken and steamed rice).

- Spicy tuna roll
- Hot toad (no, it's not frog, but it's yummy tuna of some kind at our favorite sushi place)
- Crop burning (vege sushi with asparagus and smoked gouda - wife used to be vegetarian, but since B, she hunts and kills her own meat)

john said...

ewewwwww sushi....gross. My older son loves it though. He had it at a party, and couldnt stop eating it.

Otter Thomas said...

I like sushi. For a while I loved it and I think I got burnt out. It is still fun from time to time. I love unagi as well and I like the classic plain old tuna. I like trying any roll. The more creative the better.

PJ Mullen said...

Very cool post. I'm a late bloomer to the sushi world. I usually stick to a spicy tuna roll type of thing. Although my favorite was this tuna roll that had ultra thin slices of rare filet mignon layered on top that I got at Wolfgang's Pucks down in Orlando. It was my bachelor party, so we really splurged.

Mommy With a Penis said...

Basically, I'm a sushi whore. Love love love it. I bought some ahi today that I'm going to call LUNCH. I don't know how to actually make the rolls and such. But I make some rice, cut me some raw ahi and shazam, I'm a happy camper. Great post! Hutch

ciara said...

i'm not a sushi fan at all. i have had ahi and that's fine, but in general, i don't eat any type of fish and most seafood. so look at the money i'm saving lol

ShankRabbit said...

I'm so shocked by the number of people who don't like sushi!

What so wrong about slicing open a fish and just eating it fresh? LOL

Mocha Dad said...

I love sushi, but my doesn't. She has already turned the kids against it.

peteej said...

Dude, I absolutely love sushi. I could eat it daily, three times a day. My wife and I went out for our anniversary a few years ago and bought enough sushi and sake for 6-8 people. We ate all of it over the course of two hours and it was amazing.

Making it at home is a lot of fun as well. It's a great dinner party - put on some music, have all of the sushi makings for rolls and get to it. People laugh a lot and have a great time making their own rolls. Even kids can get into it with some veggie rolls if they don't like the raw fish thing.

Faves: yellowtail, salmon and tuna, nigiri or sashimi.

21stcenturyman said...

Love sushi and eat it at least once a week! I am lucky that both my daughters love going out for sushi too. They like sitting at the sushi bar. My 12 year old has started experimenting with different rolls but my 9 year manages to have fun with no-fish dishes like cucumber roll and teriyaki chicken and of course good old white rice.

My favorites:
Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalepeno
Spicy Shrimp Hurricane Dynamite Roll
Rainbow Roll