Friday, June 12, 2009

Fatherhood Friday - Hello End of the Week... so soon?

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
Hi Kids.

Welcome to another edition of Fatherhood Friday.

So it's official. As of Monday of this week at 12:14pm I am officially MINI free. Eh - it's kinda sad, but that sadness faded pretty dang quick when I saw how many 0's I had to write down on my deposit slip.

oooh... that's nice.

So we've started paying off credit cards and other stupid bills that we've had (oh... the bills). We're a one car family now and the more I think about it, the more it makes perfect sense. Things would be a whole lot different if Isabella had a daytime job (not that being a stay at home mom isn't a job), but she can take me to work every morning and it gives us a good chance to just talk for 15 minutes.

So many times you find yourself focusing on your child's needs and playing with her (or him) that you just forget to sit and talk.

Fatherhood = selling stuff and spending quality time together.

My wife and I watch some odd TV sometimes and one of the odd little shows we came across was Tori and Dean... if you haven't watched this show: do it.

It's Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, and you know something? Yeah... they're actors but they're such normal people. What's more is that Isabella and I are very VERY like them. If you ever are curious as to what our household is like - watch this show.

I could talk about it and describe it, but you should just go watch it. It's on Oxygen.

Fatherhood = knowing that all dads go through the same stuff.

I'm not sure who came up with the phrase "Terrible 2's" but they're full of shit. It starts way before the age of 2.

Oh yeah - Niamonster has started throwing cute little temper tantrums and while I'm sure it'll be cute for the next couple of weeks, I'm pretty sure I'm going to start flipping my crab about it.

She's has this little thing where she'll just walk over to the rug on our kitchen floor in this sick little whiney fashion and just fall to the floor whenever she doesn't get what she wants.

Neat. Can't wait till it gets worse.

Fatherhood = patience.

Speaking of selling the MINI, one of the biggest things for Isabella and I that always bothered us was that we never had enough money to give lots to charity. My dad works for a company that deals with people who are severly developmentally disabled (an amazing organization: Bethesda Lutheran Home and Services), Isabella and I have a huge heart for Maryville Academy since Isabella stayed there for a while given certain things happening in her life.... plus there are other churches and little charities we just want to give to.

Well... now that we have a little more padding in our bank it's been really nice to have that available.

So - today some fellow online friends made mention of another blogger who has fallen on some series of unfortunate events. Well, the friends got together and collaborated a little fund to help the family out in their time of need.

Yes! Our first "random" charity. Yay!

Fatherhood = Charity and giving selflessly.

Finally, and the biggest part of being a father -

I had to go play business tonight and head out with some SVP/VP type people and schmooze. However, that meant coming home late and Niamonster was already asleep.

I walked into her room to just see my little girl... and she must have known it was me because she propped her little head up... looked into my eyes... gave me the cutest little tired smile... and layed back down.

Uuuuuuh.... I think my heart just melted....


Eternal Lizdom said...

Ah, melted heart. Common side effect of fatherhood.

Nice post.

I'm also a Tori and Dean fan! I haven't watched much recently but I watched when they first started out and was also impressed with how "normal" they are. Tori especially impresses me given where she comes from and where she is. I've always kind of liked her anyway... had a serious 90210 obsession in my youth...

Melisa with one S said...


LOVE. (Did I mention that I love them?)

My conservative, History Channel watching husband cannot understand what I see in watching them because they're so spoiled, but underneath all of their "we know we act like we're poor but have more money than you'll ever see in your life", they seem to be a really down to earth couple as far as their relationship goes. They are really entertaining. :)

I get on the road to Ohio with Weaselmomma & Surprised Mom in 48 hours. I can barely stand the excitement!

Bella Daddy said...

Can So Relate: That little "melting" can go a long way and makes everything else seem distant!

WeaselMomma said...

When you hit the 3's you'll be wishing you had the 2's back, lol

Jason said...

I prefer the 4's and above so much more than the younger years...Everyone says to enjoy them when they're so small and I never got it. Yeah they're cute and all, but they don't get fun until they are older. But that's just me...

Mocha Dad said...

Three's are worse because the kids communicate more clearly and possess logic.

Otter Thomas said...

Father hood means selling stuff is right. I sold my pool table, but it was definitely worth it.

The Devoted Dad said...

Right behind you on the terrible twos- what rhymes with 18 month? I've seen the show as well and they are pretty nice people. Also- I love those moments with my daughter, makes you just melt. Happy Friday and Happy Fatherhood- Jason

Momo Fali said...

Fatherhood = Selling stuff made me laugh out loud.

Fatherhood = Charity and giving selflessly brought me to tears. Very, very grateful and happy tears.

Surfer Jay said...

"It starts way before the age of 2"

I concur.

surprised mom said...

And my heart melted when I read your last paragraph. It's the best part of daddy- and mommyhood.
Fatherhood must equal patience. I know my husband had it in spades and I always had to work on it. I wasn't programmed with patience. Someone must have forgotten the formula.
I really enjoyed reading your post!

KWG said...

Brought to you by the letter "F" - the fondness of fatherhood.

Lovely post. And while I'm sure we'd love hanging out with you guys, I'm not watching Tori and Dean. Please don't make me do it.