Monday, June 1, 2009

In like Flynn

Hi Everybody!

Miss me?


I used to be a dog lover. When Isabella and I started get serious she had a wonderful dog named Aria. She was a beautiful Great Dane, German Shepherd mix. Oh yeah... big doggy. I became very fond of this dog while Isabella and I were dating. ( I almost wrote, "while we were dating" except that sounded like Ari and I were dating...) Ari became very fond of me as well. 

Well... Isabella and I were still finding ourselves and becoming little professionals and were about to get married. Our lifestyle just didn't support having a big giant dog. Especially a dog that needed big open spaces and all we could afford her was a small apartment. We loved her so much that we realized we had to do what was best for her, so we put her up for adoption. 

One. of the. Hardest. Days. Ever. 

There are still days I miss Ari. I know my missing Ari will never come to that of Jen's.

However, that's not the point of this section. The real point is: We just aren't a dog family anymore.

My brother (the middle one, not the one with the blog... he's the eldest... I'm the baby.), married a woman from the Czech Republic. (no... not Czechoslovakia... that's long gone and you'll piss off any Czech native if you say that... trust me, I've had a bruised arm from it). Her brother got married last week and they went to her home to be with him for it. 

They have two dogs, Dante and Capri. Both English Cocker-Spaniels. You can imagine what it would cost to kennel 2 dogs for 8 days. ~$25 a day x 2 dogs x 8 days and you've got about $400. Well, given the times with the economy and the availability of us, they asked if we could dog sit for those days instead. 

Sure. Why not?

I like dogs, right? 

It's been interesting. I feel bad cause my voice has been raised a few more times then I would have liked it. I don't yell, but it is louder. And I feel terrible because Niamonster is so not used to hearing my louder stern voice unless she is doing something drunken monkey like. It's also been interesting because the dogs pee more the Niamonster does, which means getting up at 4am again. 

Then there are the hardwood floors and the barking while Niamonster is trying to sleep. 

I wish we would have had a video tape running the other night. Jen and I were eating upstairs and Niamonster was acting like a complete numbnuts and crawling all over everything. So the dogs are trying to snatch food away from us, Niamonster is crawling behind the couch, then knocking lamps over, then the dogs are chasing her, Isabella and I were trying to get a hold of everyone with bar-b-que sauce dripping down our hands.... oiy... it was a mess.

It's been fun being able to help my brother and sister out and fun watching the dogs... but man... we just aren't dog people anymore.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I wrote "dong" while writing this. Heh... dong watching.


Jason said...

I don't think the annoyances make you any less a dog person. 2 dogs would drive anyone crazy(and from my experience, cocker spaniels are not well tempered dogs to begin with)

Jim and Garret said...

Hey, I like dong watching.


Otter Thomas said...

I know what you mean. We are still dog people but outside dog people now.

ShankRabbit said...

@Jason -
They are actually really loving dogs... kinda dumb... but always cuddly and gentle. They're great with Niamonster.

@Jim and Garret
Heh... Shocking. :)

I think you've hit an awesome point. If we had a big back yard with an outside kennel and the ability to care for the dog properly we'd consider it.