Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Have Friends. Get Music." Day Two.

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For those friends who are new to this site today, you should know that I normally don't post on Tuesday... so this is a little weird for me. Be gentle - I bruise easy.

Work May Suck. But Coming Home Never Gets Old.

Any parent worth their salt hates to leave every morning to go to work. Isabella is a stay at home mom so I'm the unlucky one who gets to wake up in the morning and head off to corporate America to bring home the bacon so that my wife and my daughter can eat healthy, have warm clothes, a roof over their head, and modes of transportation.

It's what I do. I hate being away, but every family member plays a role and this one is mine.

What I DO love is coming home every day. There is never a doubt in my mind that Niamonster misses me just as much as I miss her during the day. She's one smart cookie and she knows around the time daddy gets home from work everyday. She'll wait and listen, and the minute she hears my car pull into the garage she starts looking around for me.

The minute I open the door I hear a "squeeeeee!". If she's on the floor she'll come crawling towards door or if she's in mommy's arms she wiggle so much that Isabella has to struggle keep a hold of her.

And that smile... my god... that smile.

No matter how bad my day was. No matter how good or terrible work is being... I always have someone waiting for me who thinks I'm the cat's pajamas.

Everyday I see that. And everyday I think to myself, "this... this is why I can make it at work and why I go back." Don't get me wrong, I love my job... but nothing compares to being with my babies. (yes... Isabella is my baby too)

When does your little one (be it child or cat or dog or fish) "Squeeee!" for you?


Call Me Cate said...

My only "little ones" are cats so most of the squeeeeeee happens when I open the closet door at night to feed them. Rusty, the friendly one, usually greets us at the door but then he immediately turns his back and walks away. I think he greets us just to remind us that he doesn't really care we're home.

Isabella sent me over - I didn't realize you had a blog. And a cool blog at that!

Liz said...

On most days, I selfishly force my kids to be in daycare an extra 20 minutes or so because I want to be the one to pick them up. Daddy could do it, he gets home a little earlier. But he needs his own manly down time. And I adore the greeting, the excitement, the running and rushing of hugs and excited chatter about the day. Yesterday, my little Zappy (almost 18 months) saw me through the storm door (in home provider) and started chanting "mama mama mama mama" and his chant built in excitement as I got closer. I opened the door, stepped in, my 4 year old rushes me and attaches to one leg squeeling "mommyyyyyyyyy!!!" and Zach BEAMS up at me and SCREECHES and SQUEAKS this crazy excited greeting at me before attaching to my other leg.

I agree- the homecoming is the best part of my day.

Joanie M said...

I'm back again! You would make Liz at Eternal Lizdom sooo happy if you could write a song for her!

Mary Ellen said...

I have only big boys and animals, and they pretty much only squeee for me when I'm carrying grocery bags...it's okay, though. I, like you, know my role.

Please add another vote for Liz at Eternal Lizdom. She rocks.

Jim and Garret said...

Add yet another vote for Liz at Eternal Lizdom... she wants "it" bad.



Nbauer said...

Dude, that picture of Niamonster you just posted?
Everytime I think my niece can't get any more adorable...
I have witnessed her "squeeee" on numerous occasions, and it makes my whole day and I'm just the uncle. L
Looking forward to it myself in 5 more months.

Otter Thomas said...

My story is a lot like yours. When I come home from work Braden has the biggest smile as soon as he sees me. It is absolutely the best part of my day.

ciara said...

that is SO uncool. i forgot to add my comment to yesterday's post & so i tried to today. you disabled them. brat! lol

anyways, my kids are older so they don't exactly squee :) i love when they come home from school and first thing they wanna do is give me a hug & kiss. we also have our bedtime ritual and they cannot go without mom doing it. i'm holding on to all the moments that they still like to hug & kiss their mama and don't think they're too old for it like my son did when he was in first grade :-/ he's going to be 22 now in june. he hugs me & tells me he loves me so i guess i'll just settle for that :)