Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have Friends. Get Music. - Wacky Wednesday 8

Welcome New Friends!
What is this Have Friends. Get Music. contest, you ask? Read about it here.

First off, the standings since 8:34pm 4/7

Name Comment Entries Friend Entries Total
Andrew's Daddies 1 0 1
Apok 1 0 1
Call Me Cate 1 0 1
Ciara 1 0 1
Jim and Garret 1 0 1
Joanie M 2 0 2
Liz 2 6 8
Mary Ellen 1 0 1
Nbauer 1 0 1
Otter Thomas 2 0 2

I think it's pretty clear who really wants to win this.

On to the meat and potato salad!

Holy Rollers

My wife and I are the religious type of folk, but we're not the kind who vomit our beliefs on you. No one likes to be puked on, so why is it so many people are brainwashed to think that vomiting God all over people is the best way to win them over?

But that's for a different time. The reason I mention this is so that this story doesn't make you go "mwah?"

Isabella and I read devotion every night. If we are too lazy to get to that (did I just hear a collective *gasp* from the holy rollers?), we at least pray. However, we've noted that reading devotion at night together is a lot like sitting in church. 

It's stupid easy to get the giggles.

Oh, you've been there. Maybe not the church part, but the "you're supposed to be somber and behaved" part. There is something about the "behave" aura that makes you so susceptible to laughing and not being able to stop. 

Last night Isabella was getting all up in my grill to start reading devotion. "Read! Read! Now now now nwo nwo nwo nwo wnow nwo nwo wnow". But I couldn't. I can't start until she says 3 words that are tradition before any devotioning can be had. 

"Devotion. The End."

Yes. At the beginning. 

So she was bustin' my balls (wait a minute... didn't he just say he was religious? and he just said "balls"?) and I finally just blurted, "Cripes woman! Are you that antsy to get devotion started? Are you that big of a holy roller now?

She proceeded to start rolling and almost flipped herself off the bed. 

Holy. Roller. (ba-da-dump)

Snot Rocket

I was sort of mean the other night. Isabella has this thing were she can't go to bed without first checking on Niamonster, tucking in her blanket, making sure her binky that has mysteriously found itself under her left leg is easy accessible again. The only problem is that I like to do this too. 

It was about 11:30pm, we had finished brushing our teeth and Isabella has already run off to our bedroom. Our bedroom is connected to Niamonsters bedroom via a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom. So I, being the last one in the bathroom, went to go check on Niamonster. 

As I was walking back towards our room, Isabella starts walking in... I whisper, "What are you doing?". She responds, "I'm checking on her" and I retort, "I already did".

But she proceeded to try and push past me. 

I have this thing. I'm not home as much but I still want my actions with Niamonster to be "good enough". Like if I feed her, I want my style of feeding her to be good enough. If I tuck her in right before I go to bed, I want that to be good enough. Having Isabella copy me or re-do what I did makes me feel "not good enough". (such complex logic here)

So she crosses my path... I quickly turn around and give her a little shove and run in the other direction giggling. 

I hear "thud thud" as her feet catch her balance... and a few moments later a "snnnnerk" and then she starts giggling. She runs back into our room and we're both laughing our tails off. But alas, she fired off the nasal rocket of laughter and that was enough to wake up Niamonster. 

She didn't go back down for another 30 minutes, but it was SO worth it. 

What places do you find yourself struggling to stifle the giggles?


Jim and Garret said...

Holy Rollers? Well, hopefully you religious folk won't try to convert this gay guy.

In other news.... Liz wins! Right?


ShankRabbit said...

@Jim and Garret

QUICK! GET HIM! WE SHALL CONVERT HIM NOW! (commence the barfing of God all over you)


Seriously though, all readers will be accepted at this blog with no fear of hand made posters and damning chants. Isabella and I don't play like that (and honestly would really like to punch some of them in their faces).

ciara said...

i totally hate vomit of any form. haha

hmmm where do i stifle giggles? i will not lie, i don't stifle me. i just let em out. i'm terrible like that. if someone says something dumb, and you can't help but laugh, i'm probably laughing in their faces. lol sad, isn't it?

ciara said...

p.s. i tweeted is that close to blogging about it? lol i'll try to get a blog post up today if i can. :)

Call Me Cate said...

When my boss is being a total drama llama about nothing, sometimes I have the urge to giggle. His drama is so unnecessary and he has no idea how ridiculous he is most of the time.

Liz said...

Yay Garret!

And Garret knows that I'm one of those Christian types... and I'm one of those types who are totally open minded and welcoming and have even visited our local MCC church. Us God folk come in all different flavors!

Giggles... sometimes at funerals. I'm not a fan of the funeral and don't even want one for myself. It isn't the sadness that gets me giggling. That would be wrong. But there seems to always be some moment where something said or done just strikes me and... I have to pretend like I'm crying into my hands.

Liz said...

And check it out... 2 new followers who came here because of MOI! Yeah for blog connections!

Jeff said...

I'd have to go with weddings and funerals, as well. I remember my friend Brian and I going to our friend Dave's wedding. Our friend Keith was in the wedding party, so Keith's wife was sitting between us, trying to keep us good. Well, we first mis-read lighting of the candles as lighting of the canoles (bad font) and then it was just downhill from there. We were shaking the pew trying to keep from bursting out with laughtter after anything was said.

Oh, Liz sent me... just choose her for the song... it'll make it easier on all of us...

Otter Thomas said...

How terrible to be awakened by a snot rocket. I always tell jokes and laugh no matter how serious the moment. It makes me feel better.

Alix said...

Hey Cody. I came over yesterday to BEG, PLEAD, BARGAIN, CAJOLE, BRIBE and otherwise embarrass myself on behalf of Liz from whose only wish on God's green earth is to win the song contest. But there was a weird error message thing. Liz thinks I'm making that up I'm sure. Did you notice? Did anyone else notice?

Maybe it was just my schizophrenia acting up again. Who knows. But unless you want a raging foaming at the mouth menopausal woman hunting you down and stalking you, write Liz a song. Okay?

Thank you. No really, thank you.

Jim and Garret said...

Please excuse Alix, we try to keep her over at her own blog but she strays. Sorry. She must have heard music over here.


ShankRabbit said...


AGH!!!! (runs away)

Ha ha! You encountered my anti-cheating mechanism. (also known as disabling comments)

See... I can't have people commenting on old posts from the day before - that would be cheating. The link you clicked must have been a direct link to Day 1's post... which as you saw was disabled.

Though... I'm skerd now. :)

Busy-Dad-E said...

To borrow one of your own terms, your comments on Holy Rollers are "dead-on-balls" accurate. Well said.

We get the giggles at church when people start to leave early, and Little Brother starts blurting out, "Bye-bye! Bye-bye!" Nothing like being called out by a child under age 2.