Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have Friends. Get Music. - Thursday

Welcome New Friends!
What is this Have Friends. Get Music. contest, you ask? Read about it here.

Contest Update!
First off... people... this is a contest... and Liz is DOMINATING! Good job so far Liz!

Name Comment Entries Friend Entries Total
Alix 1 0 1
Andrew's Daddies 1 0 1
Apok 1 0 1
Busy-Dad-E 1 0 1
Call Me Cate 2 0 2
Ciara 2 0 2
Jeff 1 0 1
Jim and Garret 2 0 2
Joanie M 2 0 2
Liz 3 10 13
Mary Ellen 1 0 1
Nbauer 1 0 1
Otter Thomas 3 0 3

Here are 3 easy steps to give Liz a run for her money (not that I don't want you to win, Liz, but I do love me some competition)

  1. Make a post on your blog about how awesome it would be to have a song written just about you.
  2. At the end of the post tell your readers they can make your dream a reality just by coming to my blog and referring you. 
  3. Tell your readers that they too could have a song written about them by repeating steps 1 through 3 and have them reference both you AND themselves. (double points!)
See? Easy. It's like a pyramid scheme... but for a little slice of awesome!

Also, some reminders. (we'll go unordered this time... Mmm. Lists.)
  • Drawing is still randomly chosen, however the more entries you have the more likely you'll win. 
  • Comments are only allowed on the day of the post. I am disabling comments on previous days so no one cheats. Though, Joanie M. snuck past that one the first day (sneaky girl, you).
  • References only count once for 2 entries.

I can't believe how tough it is to post everyday of the week. I thought the 3 times a week thing was tough... this is brutal. So painful that I'm half tempted just to copy the Apache server configuration text that I'm working on right now... doesn't that sound like an awesome read?

But alas, I would not do that to you... so instead I shall talk about nothing at all. Just pictures from a recent photoshoot with my Niamonster.








Which one is your favorite?


Mary Ellen said...

You can talk about Apache code all you want, but who would read anything when they could be looking at that adorable child????

I'm not sure if I understood the rules completely (I'm waiting for the coffee to drip soooo slooowly) but if I can still add to Liz's lead, please consider this a referral. She really wants a song!

Call Me Cate said...

I'm a big fan of #2. Though #7 is great too... Such a cutie!

Jeff said...

I vote for number 2... hmm... that doesn't sound right.
I vote for picture number 2, that's better.

Oh, and here's a nod for Liz, again.

Liz said...

#2 is my fave- those eyes are heaven!

(M.E. and Jeff are my bestest friends... at least until more friends pop over for a daily vote!! LOL)

c3 said...

OK. Liz drove me here and just dropped me off in the middle of traffic. She says she won't come back and get me unless I leave a comment. Can I have two votes? I like both #3 and #5.

Jim and Garret said...

Ummmm, I think all of these children are adorable and it's unfair for me to pick just one.

Oh, and Liz is gonna mail me a check for $1.00 if she wins so I vote for her.

Apache code? You can waive your religious Indian beliefs all over if you wish but I'm still not converting.

Photo #6 is cutest.

Bella Daddy said...

Geez, difficult to select only one...I like em ALL...Ok, call me greedy!


ciara said...

niamonster is her daddy's girl. looks just like you. i'm gonna go w 4&7. i couldn't decide b/t the two so i say both :)

Otter Thomas said...

I like the second one best. She has pretty eyes.

Leticia said...

Liz sent me over here...she said the darn bunny would bring no Cadbury eggs this year if I didn't look at your adorable kid.

I looked. I vote for #7. I like big mouthed girls who can stand their own ground. Tht pic looks like she's putting Daddy right in his place =)

Thanks for sharing your sweatheart with us!

ShankRabbit said...


Ha! You hit it perfectly! That actually was her yelling at me to get my hands off of her toys.