Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wacky Wednesday 11 - My Ears a Clogged

A hip-happy Wednesday to all and a warm welcome to the new readers this week. (I see you there... sneaking in there like ninjas... don't think I can't see you).

My world is currently very hazy. I'm not sure if it's part of the healing process from me being sick, but it feels like my head in under water right now with the way I am hearing different sounds. Like someone blew little water bubbles into my ears and now everything is muddled. 

I hate it. I rely on sound a lot in my life and am especially peckered that my music sounds like it's coming out of to tin cans. Ugh.

I feel sort of bad for my brother, poor kid hasn't been getting very much sleep lately. He and I like to have chats on IM during the day that are filled with banter and witty comebacks. All things are said in fun and we usually try to continually one up each other with funny phrases or jesting quips. I mean... what are big brothers for?

Well, lately because of his lack of sleep I've just been beating him up. I'm almost starting to feel bad about it. There have been multiple occasions where he's just stopped his sentence and wrote, "... wait... ugh... I just can't think straight. This lack of sleep is really effecting me."

Any sleep remedies anyone has that I can offer him so that he gets back to his old self and so that I don't have to feel so bad for DOMINATING! (booo yah!)

No, seriously though... does anyone?

Finally... remember the ShamWow guy? Oh yeah, check this out.


mommaruth said...

love the slapchop video! now that's time well spent :D

Otter Thomas said...

It's about time the bearded wonder that is Billy Mays had some competition.

ShankRabbit said...


Except Billy Mays has his own show... oh... and doesn't beat hookers.

This guy has nothing on Billy. :)