Saturday, April 11, 2009

Have Friends. Get Music. - The Final Countdown.

Welcome New Friends!
What is this Have Friends. Get Music. contest, you ask? Read about it here.

Contest Update (Liz continues to dominate!)

Name Comment Entries Friend Entries Total
Alix 1 0 1
Andrew's Daddies 2 0 2
Andy 1 0 1
Apok 2 0 2
Bella daddy 2 0 2
Busy-Dad-E 2 0 2
c3 1 0 1
Call Me Cate 4 0 4
Ciara 4 0 4
Daddy Files 1 0 1
DaddyKV 1 0 1
Jason 1 0 1
Jeff 3 0 3
Jim and Garret 4 0 4
Joanie M 3 0 3
Joel 1 0 1
KWG 1 0 1
Leticia 1 0 1
Liz 5 16 21
Mary Ellen 2 0 2
Nancy 1 0 1
Nbauer 1 0 1
Otter Thomas 5 0 5
PJ Mullen 1 0 1
Rob 1 0 1
WeaselMomma 1 0 1

These final two days we're going to talk about music since the contest is coming real close to the end and since the contest is about music anyway.

One Hit Wonders
I don't mind one hit wonders when referring to "one hit song", but I'm really bothered by one hit wonders when referring to "one hit album" and by bothered I mean, "mad they didn't make more". Like New Radicals - their whole album was amazing and, for the time period, was cutting on the edge of a lot of new territory. It made me really sad that they only came out with one album. The opposite side of that would be a band like Europe. What is the one and only song you can name from them? The Final Countdown, obviously. You ever listen to anything else on any of their albums?

I bet if you did, you only listened to it once - cause it suuuuucks. 

I don't want to be a one song hit wonder.

I don't want to be known for one song forever and a day. I would love to have people talk about multiple albums and what their likes and dislikes were about each one... to look forward to the next one coming out... to pass the music around to their friends for free (yeah... we're not the bad kind of band... we make music to be listened to, not to make money). 

It takes dedication and beating the crap out of yourself to constantly push you and your fellow band members to be their best and hit everything right. It also takes an understanding and love to the people you play with so that no one hates you and wants to kill you at the end of the day. Criticism needs to be had and pride should be checked at the door. Did that key part suck or were your vocals flat? Do it again. And we'll keep doing it until you get it right. 

It sounds so depressing but it's not. It helps you, not just as a musician but as a person, when someone is constantly pushing you to be your best. 

I don't want to be a one hit wonder dad either.

That's what I love about Isabella, she constantly pushes me to be a better dad... a better person. I don't want you to think that she's naggy, because she isn't - she just has an expectation of what she knows I can do and what she knows I can accomplish. When I don't live up to my full potential as a father and a husband she'll let me know how disappointed she is. Not to guilt me, but because she knows that I'm doing an injustice to myself by not striving to be the best I can be. 

The last thing I want in life is for Niamonster to grow up into a beautiful adult and have her look back and only remember me for one thing... for one "song". She deserves more than that. I want her to look back and analyze all aspects of me... what I did really right as a parent as well as the things that I could have done better. I'm not perfect and I know I won't play every parent card at all the right times. I'm preparing myself for the "Leave me alone"s and the "I hate you"s while she grows up... but if she can someday, maybe even when she starts a family of her own, look back at me and think, "the way my daddy raised me is how I want to raise my kids"... that's when I'd know that I succeeded in being what I know I can be. 

Don't be a one hit wonder. 

90 miles outside Chicago, can't stop driving I don't know why.

What is your favorite One Song Hit Wonder?


Did the Captain of the Titanic Cry?


Amy said...

Oh, please pick my friend Liz -- so she'll stop blogging about this dumb contest! LOL! Seriously, pick her. She did a Mommy Rap on her site once and it was awesome.

Liz said...

Good memory, Amy!!

Did the Captain cry? No but I think he shit his pants.

Call Me Cate said...

I don't think the Captain cried - I think the sun was in his eyes.

I love the whole "one hit wonder" idea and applying it to your child's life. I just can't think of anything specific to apply it to in my own life. And I feel lame answering with something like "Blind Melon!!!".

ciara said...

come on eileen by the dexy midnight runners. i used to get home from school just as quickly as i could to turn mtv on and hope to hell it was on hehe can you tell i'm an 80s girl?

and let me just say, it only takes one entry to win. :p~

Nancy said...

Pick Liz please!

I watched most of the one hit wonders of the 80's show on VH1 last week. It was sad, I knew them all!

Flartus said...

I think the Captain cried just a little, inside, deep down inside.

Until he felt that first blast of unbelievably frigid water, at which point he probably forgot about crying to say "Holy (bleep), that's (bleeping) cold!"

Please don't let Liz cry; write her a song.