Monday, April 6, 2009

Meaningful Monday - A Contest!

First of all... I'm listening to Andy Samburg singing "I'm on a Boat" to me, and while I realize that it's one of the most ridiculous songs in the world and lyrically it's demeaning to any word that rhymes with another... yet... I find myself constantly singing it... it's a disease that's stuck in me head. There is something about T-Pain's autotuned voice that embeds itself into my brain matter like an alien who has laid it's eggs in my head. 

Anyone else want it in there head? Here. (this is the R rated version)

On to the real purpose of this post. 

You have followers and I want them. I also want to follow those people you follow. You have people's whose blogs you like to read and I want to read them too. 

So here's the deal. 

I play music. I like playing music. I also write it. 

And I want to write a song about you.

Here's how it's going to work. (i.e. Rules of the Contest)
  1. I will make a post everyday this week with a question at the end of the post (just to give you something to comment about)
  2. You will comment on every post. Each comment = 1 entry every day. Only one comment entry will be counted per day.
  3. I will keep track of the number of entries per person and will post them each day in my blog (adds a little spice of competition... yum yum!).
  4. Tell your friends/followers/readers to come here and comment and have them reference you. Each follower/reader/friend that references your name will count as 2 additional entries for you.
  5. Contest starts today (4/6/2009) and ends a week from today (4/13/2009).
  6. On 4/13/2009 I will randomly choose a winner, Isabella will be my witness to the randomness.

What's the deal with the song?
People like free things and I want to give you something for free. I graduated with an Art major but I haven't really used it since obtaining it, so my art would be no good. I write code for a living, but that's one heck of a boring prize. Music was the final choice since I still actively play and write and it doesn't seem like there are a whole lot of people giving that away. 

About the song if you win:
  1. It can sound however I want it to sound and the final product will be a mystery to you until you get it. 
  2. The topic of the song and lyrics will revolve around you or, if you're shy, a topic or theme of your choosing.
  3. I get the write the lyrics.
  4. Give me at least a month to write it, compose it, produce it, and publish it.
  5. It may just be me... it may be our band... who knows?!
  6. I'll contact you if you win and ask you a bazillion questions for inspiration.
It'll be fun because you will have no idea what you'll get... can you handle the anticipation?

About me and music:
While I may just decide to throw a pan down the stairs while screaming your name out loud and using that as a "song", I probably won't. So why should you tell people to come to this blog and make comments?
I fully intend on your song not sucking.

And when the song is finished...
I'll send you an high quality version in MP3 format. I'll also post it on my blog so that all of my new friends will hear how awesome you are through music. Legally, I'll own the rights to the song (read: I get to play it anywhere and anytime I want and don't have to give you money. Sorry.)

Contest begins... 

Today's question for commenting:
What are the top 3 music albums you own that you are ashamed to admit?

  1. Chumbawumba: Tubthumper
  2. SheDaisy : The Whole Shebang
  3. Fall Out Boy: From Under the Cork Tree


Otter Thomas said...

I don't own many because most of mine were stolen in college. Most of what I have now are burned compilations. Sorry I have no list.

Isabella said...

Well, seeing as our music collection is now combined, I am equally ashamed that we own Tubthumper.

Andrew's Daddies said...

I no longer keep records..but the one's I would have been ashamed of and owned at one point are:

Millie Vanillie: All or Nothing
The Go-Go's (the greatest)
Devo Greatest Hits

Apok said...

Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin
Scorpions - Greatest Hits
And i've bought well over an album's worth of songs from last season of American Idol from itunes.

ps i would never be ashamed of devo!

Liz said...

This is SO COOL!

Top 3 albums I'm embarassed of... Can I count the kid CD's that I actually find myself listening to long after I've dropped the kids off?

- Spice Girls
- I don't own it any longer but was crazy for Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet
- soooooo many soundtracks from musicals. I can't say I'm really embarassed by any of them- but I know my kids will be own day as I pick up their friends from whatever after school activity while singing "BRIGADOOOOON!" at the top of my lungs...

Joanie M said...

Liz from Eternal Lizdom sent me over. (see? she's right there, above my post!) She really really really needs a song written just for her!