Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wacky Wednesday 9 - CONTEST WINNER!

First off all let's get to the contest.

Here was how the random winner was picked (and all approved and over watched by Isabella)
  1. All entries were placed in a spreadsheet. Number of total entries were calculated by user and then they were all given a span of numbers for the number entries.

  2. Then I went to the wonderful and had them generate a number between 1 and 81. AND BEHOLD WE HAVE A WINNER!

!!! BUSY-DAD-E !!!
(clap clap clap clap)
I'll be contact you soon with a bazillion questions.

Niamonster pooped on Isabella's hand today. I treated her like she had the plague for the next 30 minutes and didn't want her touching me. 

Poop really has lost its disgusting factor since Niamonster has been born though. Really, any bodily function (or dysfunction) has little to no effect on me anymore. Vomit used to... pooping used to... 

Now it's just "meh, whatever"

And now some links to far off places because they're funny and I'm really not right now. (I know... Wacky Wednesday and I'm not wacky.)

This link is a collection of IMs, Emails, and postcards from mothers. It's funny because as you read them it is SO easy to see how all mothers are alike.

And finally a tribute to the greatest 4$ your mom ever spent on you.


Busy-Dad-E said...

I'm speechless! (Mostly because I can't make my post talk.) I feel like I just won the NBA draft lottery with only a 2% chance of getting the top pick. All I can say is, "Liz must hate me right about now."

Liz said...

Nah- my hate is all towards Code Daddy for having a contest for which I busted my hump, annoyed my readers, begged for comments and still managed to lose.

All's good, I suppose. I'll just weep in a corner for a few days.

ShankRabbit said...

Awww... Please don't hate me. It was the random number generators fault. I bet Busy-Dad-E paid them off. :D

Jim and Garret said...

I'm sure Busy-Dad-E would give it up to Liz. What's he need a silly song for anyway? Real men don't let other men write songs about them.


Busy-Dad-E said...

@ShankRabbit: My kids get all of my money, so I had none left with with which to pay off the random number generator.

@Jim&Garret: According to contest rule 2. The topic of the song and lyrics will revolve around you or, if you're shy, a topic or theme of your choosing.

Since I'm a bit shy, I'd probably vote to have the song revolve around my boys, not to mention that it would be an AWESOME present for them to enjoy for years to come.

Otter Thomas said...

What a great thing the internet has become. It even has a random number generator forcing the poor pick numbers from a hat into extinction.

Liz said...

"Since I'm a bit shy, I'd probably vote to have the song revolve around my boys, not to mention that it would be an AWESOME present for them to enjoy for years to come."

Oh rub it in!! :)

I'm just playin'... my husband is more upset than me. I was already a fan of ShankRabbit's blog... and even discovered Dad-E the other day. It's all good. I guess. Because I choose to be the bigger person. Or whatever.

ShankRabbit said...


Agh! Don't send your husband after me!!!!

Oh... btw... check your email. (At least the one you have posted on your profile)

Jim and Garret said...

@Liz, I tried. Busy-Dad-E just had to throw the whole "for the children" guilt trip back at me.

Hopefully ShankRabbit will recognize the need to make something for you out of the PURE KINDNESS of his heart or maybe because I'm standing outside his window in stalk-mode. (Dude, put some pants on.)

I'm sure ShankRabbit recognizes YOU and all the wonderful followers you've brought to him such as moi.


ShankRabbit said...

@Jim and Garret

Pants are overrated...

...and don't pretend that you don't like the view. :D


Jim and Garret said...

I love the view and the dance makes it flop. It being your glasses... of course.


Nancy said...

Poor, poor Liz! I came out of my blogging shell to comment/vote for her and it didn't help.

Oh well, now I have more blogs to read and not enough time to read them!

Liz said...

I just gotta say... I love all you guys!!

Busy-Dad-E said...

Is there any chance that the song could have cowbell?

ShankRabbit said...


Heck yes!

Busy-Dad-E said...

I know you haven't started working on it yet, but IT STILL NEEDS MORE COWBELL! :)

Liz said...

I think I know what was causing Isabella's illness this weekend. She had a fever. And the only presciprtion... is more cowbell!

ShankRabbit said...

I don't think you guys fully understand the magnitude of this.

Even if throughout the whole song I had a cowbell it would STILL NEED MORE COWBELL!!!!!

Isabella said...

Shank, I think you should play the cowbell in a belly-barin' shirt...and I'll videotape it for a music video. I know Busy Dad-E didn't ask for one, but I have no doubt he'd appreciate it.

ShankRabbit said...


Ugh... Well he's gonna ask for it now!

Although... what a good idea... a music video!

((begin scheming....))

Liz said...

Just make sure you really use the entire studio. (Who knew I was so well versed in SNL??)

Busy-Dad-E said...

Either just music or music video is fine with me. I mean, I put my pants on one leg at a time. It's just that once they're on, I MAKE GOLD RECORDS!